Chronicles of Humanity
Star Wars: Darkness Saga
The Death of Jar Jar
Featured Video: The Chronicles of Humanity: Descent

An original science fiction series taking place in the 24th century and the story begins after a mining accident on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, with the colonists protesting against the Government's unwillingness to give them better working conditions. And that's just the first episode, the rest of the season deals with the aftermath of these events.

Starring: Charlie Allen-Wall, Gabrielle Pugliese, Elizabeth Cameron,
Richard Grove, Ingrid Moon, Kim Genly, Damien Valentine,
Andrew Sanjanwala, Mauri Majanoja

And featuring as a special guest star in four episodes: Felicia Day.


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Ivy Film Festival
I am proud and very excited to announce that Star Wars: A Galaxy in Darkness has won the Jury prize at the Ivy Film Festival.

Thankyou everyone who voted for the film and showed their support, it wouldn't have made it that far without it.

21 Apr 2009 by Darth_Angelus

Welcome to the New Site
The new design for Bathtub Productions has gone live. Just about everything is still there. All of our films can be found in the film section, which is now much easier to navigate and find what you're looking for.
02 Nov 2008 by Darth_Angelus

Support the Guild
Bathtub Productions would like to show it's support for The Guild, a brilliant web series that's been entered into two contests.

Head on over to the Yahoo Video Awards and the YouTube Awards to cast your votes!

And what happens if you dont?

See the video we've made to support the show and find out.
20 Mar 2008 by Darth_Angelus

The Return of the Forums
They're back! I'll be adding new sections related to Bathtub Productions' next project as soon as I remember the admin password.

On that note, please check the files section for a short preview of things to come, the Shadow Meeting.
15 Aug 2006 by Darth_Angelus

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