19th January 2005 - Congratulations to Lady Phi
Lady Phi was invovled with an entry into The Lightsaber Choreography Contest 3. That entry (number 6) came third place, so well done. The results can be found here
- Darth Angelus -

Nov. 30, 2004 - The End of Consanguinity...or is it?
For those who haven't seen the Consanguinity section of the website, Darth Angelus released the tenth and final episode last Saturday.
See the Consanguinity News section for more details.
- Lady Phi -

Oct 24, 2004 - Gasp!
I finally made my info page! There's even stuff on it! Go see!
- Lady Phi -

My entry into the BBC Animation Contest this year wasn't successful. However, that means I can release it on my site now. It can be found in the videos section as "After the End of the World."
- Darth Angelus -

11th October 2004 - Star Wars Miniatures
I have created a new page where I will be putting maps and such for the Star Wars Miniatures. It can be found in the games section.
- Darth Angelus -

19th September 2004 - Consanguinity
My latest project is now ready to seen by the public. It is a series of short episodes called Consanguinity. The series is inspired by Buffy/Angel. The website can be found here and a link has been added in the videos section.
- Darth Angelus -

5th September 2004 - The X-Files part 2
Part 2 of The X-Files is now available to download in the video section of the site.
- Darth Angelus -

31th August 2004 - The X-Files
At last, The X-Files part 1 is online! It is a remake of Lamina Vicus (which can still be downloaded). Part 2 will be coming soon, I have to make a copy small enough to be internet friendly. Enjoy.
- Darth Angelus -

August 30, 2004 - Updates...Finally
Well I finally got some of my films online :) See them in the Films/Videos section. I'll upload more soon *cross fingers*
- Lady Phi -

21st August 2004 - BBC Animation Contest
I have completed my entry to the BBC Talent animation contest, I will be sending it to them this week. I will have to ask if they are ok with me putting the animation available online for people to watch, or not. Hopefully they will be happy about it and then you can all see it.
- Darth Angelus -

10th August 2004 - More Videos
Trailers for the Star Wars films and the Battlegroup Hunter video have been added to the films/videos section.
- Darth Angelus -

9th August 2004 - Welcome to DaS Entertainment - Darth Angelus

Hello and welcome to DaS Entertainment, a site that about the various projects that we have worked on and are working on.

Currently you will find links to download:
Star Wars: Falling into Darkness,
The X-Files - Lamina Vicus
and Babylon 5 - Thirdage

More downloads will be added later on.

Look around, visit the forums and come back soon.