Chronicles of Humanity
Star Wars: Darkness Saga
The Death of Jar Jar

Star Wars: Episode 1 - Falling into Darkness
Fearing the destruction of the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars, the Jedi Master Basil has taken his students to the remote planet of Delius where they have lived in peace for many years. However this is about to change, a small ship belonging to the Rebel Alliance has crashed on the planet and even know, forces loyal to the evil Emperor Palpatine search the nearby regions of space for this vessel. This planet also has its own dangers, dark forces plotting against the Jedi Knights are beginning to move, they have taken the rebel pilot and plan to use her to turn one of the Jedi to the Dark Side of the Force...
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Worf - Damien Valentine
Lady Verrier - Elizabeth Cameron
Grand Admiral Alderson - Richard Grove
Grand Admiral Thrawn - James "Doom Ihl'Varia" Cross
Stella - Ingrid Moon
Imperial Captains - Todd "xtat" Troxell
Imperial Officers - nb from NZ
Emperor Palpatine - Ian McDiarmid
Chogall - Andrew "Boter" Hookway
Warlord - David Houston

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